U12 Girls B

Playing schedule

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 Date         Day   Time       Home Team          Visitors


  11/15/2018  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Sarkle Girls       Sparkle08
  11/15/2018  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Flaming Squirrels  Tsunami

  11/29/2018  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Sparkle08          Tsunami
  11/29/2018  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Sarkle Girls       Flaming Squirrels


  12/06/2018  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Flaming Squirrels  Sparkle08
  12/06/2018  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Tsunami            Sarkle Girls

  12/13/2018  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Sparkle08          Flaming Squirrels
  12/13/2018  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Sarkle Girls       Tsunami

  12/20/2018  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Tsunami            Sparkle08
  12/20/2018  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Flaming Squirrels  Sarkle Girls


  01/03/2019  Thu   4:50 P.M.  Sparkle08          Sarkle Girls
  01/03/2019  Thu   5:40 P.M.  Tsunami            Flaming Squirrels

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Game scores

Date          Home Team         Score       Visitors          Score

Team standings

Team                 Win    Lose     Tie     Forfeit    Points     For     Against


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